Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Know Closer N-219 Aircraft

Jakarta: PT Dirgantara Indonesia will certainly produce a new aircraft type N-219. This aircraft has been test-flown in a laboratory wind tunnel test in March 2010. And his plan, type of aircraft developed from the results produced NC-212 PT DI will be handed over to the first buyer to be flown around the year 2014 to 2015 to come.

Before the N-219 flown, there's nothing wrong if we look at the specifications of the aircraft manufacturing cost around Rp300 billion. According to the Wikipedia page, the N-219 is a multi-purpose twin-engine aircraft designed PT. Aerospace Indonesia to operate in remote areas. This is due to considering the distance to fly this aircraft type has the ability STOL (short-take off and landing or flying and landing on short runway), which is deemed suitable for use in areas that do not have enough runway at the airport.

The plane is made of metal that has been fulfilled the requirements of FAR 23. This makes the N-219 was designed specifically with the largest cabin volume in its class and flexible door that can be used to transport passengers or cargo. A range of speeds can reach up to 650 Nm (1,200 km) with a maximum speed of 213 kts (395 km / h). And in the room, can accommodate 19 passengers with a configuration of three parallel position.

For comfort and security, ensuring the PTDI N-219 aircraft will be well designed and comfortable while maneuvering. PT DI will remove the N-219 at a price of U $ 4 million dollars. As an illustration of the specifications of new aircraft types, the following picture.

Key Features:
1. Multi Purpose, can be reconfigured
2. Can accommodate 19 passengers, three parallel
3. Mixed cargo passenger
4. STOL performance
5. Low operational costs

1. Maximum cruising speed: 213 KTS (395 km / h)
2.Economical cruise speed: 190 KTS (352 km / h)
3.Maksimum ferry range: 1580 Nm
4.Take-off distance (35 ft obstacle): 465 m, ISA, SL
5.Landing distance (50 ft obstacle): 510 m, ISA, SL
6. Stalling speed: 73 KTS
7. Maximum take-off weight: 7270 kg (16.000 lbs)
8.Maksimum payload: 2,500 kg (5511 lb)
9. Rate of climb 2300 ft / min all engines operating
10.Range: 600 Nm. (Wikipedia.org / ARI

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