Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Microsoft Exchange will be Removed?

Microsoft Points is a currency unit that can be used to transact in the Market Place, Zune, and Xbox Live. However, this currency will reportedly soon be removed and replaced with the actual cash value.

For several years Microsoft Point has become the standard currency for various purposes in the virtual store Microsoft. Gamers can use it to buy games, rent movies, to buy applications for mobile phones based on Windows Phone.

But because it is inconvenient, the currency is also planned to be replaced with actual cash value. As quoted from the Inside Mobile Apps, Wednesday (01/25/2012).

Later Microsft will apply the value of the real currency in force in each country, in United States dollars, British pounds, and others.

There has been no official response from Microsoft about the plan, but believed this new transition will be completed in late 2012.

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