Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plough CEO, Yahoo spent USD 27 Million

Washington, USA - Yahoo turns to spend enough to recruit Scott Thompson of PayPal as its new CEO. Reportedly, the cost to $ 27 million.

As quoted from Cnet, on Sunday (08.01.2012), based on legal documents that reported Yahoo switching to local regulators, the new CEO will receive a salary of $ 1 million plus a cash bonus of $ 1.5 million, plus stock valued at USD 22, 5 million.

Yahoo also have to replace the money spent Thompson as compensation to the company a long time, worth $ 1.5 million cash bonus compensation and stock with a value of USD 6.5 million.

Over the past four years, Thompson served as President of PayPal, eBay's online payment service. He previously served as Chief Technology Officer of PayPal before being appointed as president in January 2008.

Achievement Thompson at PayPal is pretty good. Under his leadership, PayPal users doubled from 50 million to 104 million. PayPal also recorded a revenue of USD 4.4 billion years ago.

Although quite good at developing an online payments business transactions, but Thompson is doubtful capability to lead Yahoo. Yahoo's own stock price declined 3% when Thompson announced as the CEO.

Yahoo's own business performance is less encouraging lately. Their total revenue last year amounted to USD 7 billion, far when compared with rival Google to reach USD 38 billion.

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