Monday, January 23, 2012

Protest Still, Hacker Threatens Collapse Facebook and Twitter

Anonymous hackers, who carried out attacks against the FBI because of closing the site Megaupload, threatened to attack some other website this week. The threat will become reality if the Megaupload is not reopened.

Some websites are targeted by the attack Anonymous is the site of the United Nations (UN), XBox Live, and some banks in the United States. Not only that, Anonymous also threatened to shut down Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

The threat was conveyed in a message Anonymous group on Youtube two days ago. Anonymous calls this action as # OpGlobalBlackout (global operations blackout). This action is a continuation of the action # OpMegaupload, undertaken to fight for Megaupload.

In the video, Anonymous said it had had access to credit card accounts at U.S. banks. They also claimed to have infiltrated into the data center XBox Live, so it was difficult for this group to carry out attacks. Do not stop there, the hackers were also seized public attention for planning to shut down Facebook, Twiiter, and Youtube.

However, the deadly plans of social media sites that are considered will be a boomerang for the hacker. In addition to turning off the flow of communication on the internet, disabling the websites that will not benefit the third position of the hackers because the website was actually very strong kill the bill or SOPA halt online piracy.

Last week, Anonymous managed to invade the site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Department of Justice. The attack was carried out as a protest against the closure of the data storage Megaupload website. Support for the opening of Megaupload is also realized by attacking websites Universal Music and media entrepreneur France, Vivendi, owner of Universal Music Group.

Attack Started Today

Today, Anonymous has carried out the attack to the website and managed to move the server this website. Based on the observations of Twitter user @ jeremiahfelt, Anonymous managed to change the IP to my webhost from to and 37. Twitter account owner is trying to get into the main index page CBS and instead find a directory structure that contains only one file named foundery.html. Each time trying to access subsitus, then he will find the article, "404 not found errors."

According to the Anonymous group in the Twitter account @ youranonnews, stagnant air this morning for 20 minutes. Anonymous used the technique to attack DNS Poisoning. No obvious reason for this invasion, but will be the beginning of a series of attacks to be conducted Anonymous this week.

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