Saturday, January 14, 2012

The reason Nikon D4 'Only' Use 16 Million Pixels

Nikon D4 is a full frame camera is the latest issued this Japanese factory. It's just that the question is, why is the sensor size, Nikon just membekalinya with 16 million pixels?

Many people hope that, in this anyarnya Nikon devices will use a higher pixel count. Speaking at the arena CES 2012, Lars Petterson from Nikon Europe to explain this. There are two targets to be achieved with a sensor that Nikon disematkannya.

The first, Nikon wanted to allow cropping with wider coverage. But Nikon also intends to produce images more kiclong and has a dynamic range (dynamic range) is greater.

With existing technology, said second sensor 16 MP lets it happen. Nikon also want to avoid big file size is usually crowded user's hard drive. "16 million pixels is enough for most users and for some, he was even more than enough," said Nikon.

Nikon D4 is a full frame camera that Nikon released at CES 2012. D4 will hit the market in February next camera. For the retail price, Nikon mematoknya in figure USD 6,000 or about USD 54 million

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