Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walk 15 Minutes Enough to Balance Chocolate Snacking

In the chocolate lover often can not work if you do not snack foods. So that does not make fat calories, walking 15 minutes every day is enough to neutralize the effect of half a serving of chocolate is consumed per day.

A study at the University of Exeter reveals, walking can burn calories equivalent to 15-28 grams of chocolate. The burning of calories by that is enough to prevent the buildup of energy reserves, which are stored as fat.

"People often think that the snacks and chocolate can increase energy and overcome saturated at work, so it is difficult to not snacking," said Professor Adrian Taylor, who led the study, as quoted from Dailymail, Thursday (12/08/2011).

In tersbeut research, Prof. Taylor make the observation of 78 chocolate lover who is always snacking food while at work. Partially offset mild exercise such as walking though only 15 minutes, some very rare move.

The first conclusion drawn from the observations it is, no association between servings of chocolate consumed by the level of stress or difficulty in working. Someone who is not under stress could have been eating more chocolate than that under stress.

Later in the second yabng conclusion, Prof. Taylor found that participants who frequently move more weight increased slightly. Not having to strenuous exercise, in this study as walking for 15 minutes was enough to give significant effects.

In addition to preventing the formation of fat, physical activity or exercise is also very necessary to maintain heart health. The more often the heart is trained to move, the more powerful it is in the organ pumping blood so it is not easy to have a heart attack.

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