Saturday, February 04, 2012

After Criticized, Google Create New Policy

San Francisco: After criticized the government and the occurrence of cases of violation of privacy in the United States, a number of reputable online sites to take some action and change some policies. Included also, the search engine giant Google.

As reported by the page skynews, Saturday (28 / 1), the new policy form changes in rule use Google Search, Gmail, Youtube video sites, social networking is also Google +. Policies previously arranged separately will be merged.

The new policy also will display the search results more relevant and help advertisers to find consumers. Chairman of the Bureau of the Google Privacy Betsy Masiello said it will continue to strive to make services and policies that make it easier for users, maintaining privacy, and copyright.

"We will change the policy becomes much easier and profitable users. This is our attempt to always be in the forefront," writes Betsy Masiello

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