Sunday, February 12, 2012

After Twitter, Google's Turn Sensor Content

Google will block or a blog post from that available to the user based on the local laws of a country. This step is similar to what a particular state of the sensor Twitter that sparked anger among critics around the world.

A web researcher criticized the move. He said that this marked a new trend in Internet companies are subject to the demands of an authoritarian regime.

However Google claims the move will actually allow more freedom of speech. "This will enable us to continue to promote freedom of expression while providing greater flexibility in meeting the demand for removal applicable local law," the company said the internet giant in site on Friday (3/2).

According to these pages, both Google and Twitter will allow claims to step services can coexist with the regime. "We believe that access to information is the foundation of a free society. Where content is illegal or violate the terms of service, we will remove it," said Google spokesman.

Google Blogging known as Blogger was launched in 1999. And had previously been banned from directly in repressive regimes, like Syria, Iran and China.

A number of countries consider services such as blogs or social sites Twitter and Facebook have an important role in the insurgency in Arab countries recently that acts as a conduit of information or messages that bring freedom and democracy. (BOG)

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