Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Business Analytics So Important Foundation

In the various interviews prospective employees, interviewing candidates who precisely has just graduated from college, they asked me much about what the profession's most promising future,

I then re-ask some questions. First, how do you predict when you will have to choose another telecommunications provider for your mobile phone? Second, or when you meet someone, can you predict correctly the person personally?

You do not need to learn to leading forecasters because it is not an arena for the forecasters at the fair. The events that occurred in the past decade provide a special vision to the world of business and government that they require a special skill to be able to predict an event as I can to avoid catastrophe.

You might ask, how? Is the information available at this time? Is this information enough?

Currently there is information everywhere, even in various forms of communication channels. However, the world is already filled with data and information. In Indonesia alone, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) to collect various data including demographic data.

Some of you are probably very familiar with the site or twitter account @ tmcpoldametro to predict the traffic or highway conditions you are going through in the morning or when returning from the place you work.

In short, human life-changing Internet era. You can connect with colleagues in other parts of the world and no doubt, the Internet bridges the distance and time. Indonesia with a population of 240 million people with about 50 million people currently connected to the Internet. Ministry of Communication and Information is committed even serious to develop rural areas of information in Papua with the aim of bridging the digital divide. Internet is also enabling the company to accommodate a variety of data overflow.

In the office where I work, the average person receives an email within one year 2053 have not been coupled with the influence of social media that is currently so strong, in one year at least 219 employees are involved in social media posts. Yet millions of the information collected will be wasted if no tangible business benefits for us.

For example, telecommunications companies usually have a variety of valuable information about their customers, including records of outgoing calls and incoming calls are made each customer. Telecommunications companies are also generally understood that it would be easier to retain existing customers than get new customers.

For that, they are very aggressive in creating a shared promotion for its customers. Investment in information technology had become essential to help transform information into valuable insights that telecommunications companies can predict if there are customers who intend to move to another vendor.

Business analytic solutions play a special role here because the background itself analytic science that uses various existing logic to gain additional insight into a process that is natural or manmade.

Own analytic experts to create an algorithm to learn the complex trading patterns from a dealer to determine whether he secretly wants to erase their tracks by massive fraud or not. Other algorithms help police evaluate crime patterns and predict where the next threat will emerge.

Some time in the future, these companies desperately need young people who master this analytical field. The question is, what skills are needed? Mathematics, foreign languages, the ability of prediction. However, job seekers who managed to not only those who are just good at theory. Businesses to apply mathematical knowledge so it can cope and provide various solutions, including expertise in specific industries such as retail, healthcare, financial services, or even eco-friendly energy.

Current analytical favorite subject is one which offered a variety of universities in the world. I believe in the not too long, colleges across the country are following this trend, along with the increasing market demand. Some industries in Indonesia such as telecommunications and banking see analytic solutions as one of the important solutions in developing their business.

I believe that successful innovation is a realization of a close collaboration between universities, businesses, and governments in developing curriculum. The students were given the opportunity to reap the real world of work experience during their study.

In conclusion, you do not need an algorithm to obtain the information that today's business competition is increasingly fierce. When young people ask me now, what profession promised in the future, I will advise them, have special skills with a real contribution to make the world smarter.

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