Friday, February 03, 2012

Change Google Earth Display

California: Google Earth gives a new feel for the fans. In appearance, this application provides the atmosphere of watching the earth with a better model. Mosaic or image search results Google will use a variety of photographs and satellite images taken at different times on different days with different weather conditions.

Google says that it has changed the way an image and Google Earth will launch the most beautiful. "The end result is a wonderful new experience to watch the earth and protect the unique texture of the landscape that defines the geographic world," writes Google Earth product manager Peter Birch, on pages, Monday (30 / 1).

In addition, the search giant's website is also adding a new social feature that lets users share photos on Google Earth + Google profile. Users now can share photos from their place with their circle after signing in to Google Account at the top right corner of Google Earth and clicking the "share".

"Picture the mountains, oceans, deserts, cities 3D, where your favorite pizza shop in Street View, now you can enjoy the amazing places around the world with the people at Google +," writes Mr. Birch

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