Thursday, February 02, 2012

Create Japanese Robot for Fukushima Reactor

Together with South Korea, Japan is known as the Asian tiger, because of the sophistication of the technology. Page NHK, Monday (30 / 1), proclaim, Japanese scientists from Chiba Institute of Technology has just created two robots that will be employed at the Fukushima nuclear reactor in March next.

Both of these robots is the second time after the first robot was created in June last year. The first robot is used to infiltrate the reactor that was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. This robot has been used to measure radioactivity and take video footage inside the reactor building. However, in October last, the robot is damaged because there is interference on the cable shorted.

While these two models of the robot is more sophisticated. Because the new model is equipped with six-way belt that allows the robot can move more freely over the debris and can more easily up and down stairs. In addition, the robot is also inserted a wireless communication system, so it can communicate with the outside world.

There is a difference of the two new robots. Which one is equipped with radiation measuring equipment. While the other one is equipped with a scanner to scan three-dimensional space. (Bog)

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