Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dead plants 30 000 years turned on again

This ancient flowering plant has been revived from the seeds are buried by squirrels more than 30,000 years ago. The seeds are found during excavations in fossil burrows in the ground squirrel in the Siberian Arctic.

As reported by the pages of The Sun, Tuesday (21/2), seeds of these plants due to near-death experience wrapped in a layer of ice, called 'gene frozen', "said the experts.

Laboratory experts of science and permafrost soil from Moscow, Russia, and then use the method which they called state-of-the-art, to foster Silene stenophylla. They include herbaceous plants that sprout and has small white flowers and is still growing in this region.

Seeds are preserved at a depth of 38.1 meters at a temperature below zero degrees celsius it has a shape slightly smaller than the like at the moment. Scientists say some form of sentient beings who have long lost can be stored in a single slab of ice. It also suggests that no active life exists on Mars or other planets ice might be revived

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