Thursday, February 16, 2012

Even the CIA Can Hijacked homepage

Sites intelligence agency CIA hijacked the United States and should be shut down for a while. Some local media reports, the CIA site which was hijacked, making some people who want to get into the site it fails.

Pirate group calling itself Anonymous as a cyber activists claimed responsibility for the hijacking. According to a message left on Twitter page on Friday (10/2), Anonymous has closed the CIA website. "CIA TANGO DOWN: # Anonymous".

Until now, the CIA has not commented on the hijacked site. When asked about the outage on its public website, CIA spokeswoman Jennifer Youngblood said, "we are looking for info on the report."

In addition, Anonymous is also targeting government sites Alabama, USA. Jack Doane, director of the Alabama Information Services Division, said, "the state of technology experts are conducting a forensic analysis to find public information has been compromised."

Anonymous threats seem ever dikemukan some time ago actually performed. Earlier, the hijackers who claimed that cyber activists began a campaign to increase take revenge against the government of the United States, including important sites hijack U.S. [read: Hackers Campaign will plow U.S. Important Sites].

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