Thursday, February 23, 2012

Evidently, a Fish also turned out Drunk Marine

Do fish also experience seasickness? A zoologist from Stutgart, Dr Reinhold Hilbig, examines the effect of weight reduction conditions in the water. The study was part of a study of how humans are affected in space.

In the study, forty-nine fish aquarium is placed in the mini and then sent through a plane that went into space. The plane lost simulate the conditions experienced by astronauts outside gravitational angakasa.

Apparently, eight of the fish began to spin with no clear orientation. They swim lingkiaran form. "They're completely out of balance, behaving like humans who experience seasickness," Hilbig said.

"The fish were lost orientas, they are completely confused and looked as if about to vomit," he added. In the wild fish 'seasick' like it could fall prey to other fish because they were unable to save themselves from danger.

Eight fish 'seasick' that was then separated and examined his brain to see the true cause of 'sick' em. "It seems to lose contact with water movement and vibrations plays a major role in determining their oriented." he said

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