Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Facebook Launches Feature Verified Account

Along with the development of Facebook, there are some elements that make his account with the name of the artist. Impact, many users are tricked the existence of the fake Facebook.

As reported in mashable.com, the case, Facebook seeks to prevent the fraudulent account. They launched a new feature, namely the Verified Account, Thursday (16/2).

This feature is intended for artists to justify the validity of their accounts. The plan, Facebook will invite a number of artists to submit their personal data, such as ID and Credit Card. After that, it will match the social networking identity card with the user's data is on Facebook.

Not only for the artist, this feature will also be devoted to other users with the requirements of the user account must have a lot of "subscriber". In Twitter, "subscriber" is called "follower".

But unfortunately, although there has been "verified account", Facebook does not give an indication of the validity of the accounts in the name of the user. It is considered difficult for other users to identify whether the account of the artist is really hers or not. In fact, when accounts of the artists are "legitimate", allowing them to keep up menggonta changed its original name with a pseudonym.

This is very different from other social networks, like Twitter. Twitter accounts that have been recognized artist truth, will be given a blue check mark beside the name of the user. Twitter has launched its first feature since 2009.

+ Meanwhile, Google has also implemented this way not long after the social networking was outstanding. If your Google + person is "illegal", there will be the words "verified name" right beside the user name

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