Friday, February 03, 2012

Japan Anticipation Hacker Attacks

The Government of Japan decided to extend the precaution to protect the government offices against cyber attacks. This decision was made based on recommendations by an expert group of information security. The group was founded last October after a series of attacks by hackers on the computer networks of government offices as well as manufacturer and supplier of defense equipment.

As preached NHK website on Monday (30 / 1), under the new scheme the Cabinet Secretariat senior official from the Ministry of Defence will be responsible for coordinating communication between all government offices. This is done in order to be an integrated response in the event of an attack.

A team of experts will also be placed in each office to make the initial response if terajadi attack and identify the cause. For that the government require suppliers of equipment and services used in the national security sector, to report to the government as soon as possible when there is a cyber attack. (ADO)

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