Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Japanese Scientists Developed Robot Avatar

Tokyo: Telesar V, the latest robot made by Japanese scientists, made with technologies such as genetic robots in movies made by Hollywood, Avatar. In the film portrayed the United States army capable of remotely controlling robots that resemble terrestrial race who wanted they infiltrated.

Telexistence surrogate Antropomorphic long name of the robot is a robot that allows humans to control robot action, as well as see, hear and feel the same way that experienced by the robot.

This robot is operated by the control of humans. To operate, one must use special equipment consisting of the head gear, gloves, and vests are good for controlling the robot action.

Gloves made of thin polyester material coated with a semiconductor and a small motor so that the user can feel what the robot is touched, recognize the variety of sensations such as the surface is soft, wavy, and hot or cold.

For vision, the robot would capture the situation around with a camera placed in the eye. Camera image will then appear in three-dimensional format on video screens in front of the controller.

Sho Kamuro, researchers are trying to operate the robot reveals his experiences. "When I put on equipment operation and move your body, I see my hands turned into a robot hand," says Sho.

Professor Susumu Tachi, a virtual reality of Keio University, said these robots were developed to assist human tasks. One was to go into places too dangerous if the visited by humans.

One scenario is to use this robot to enter the Fukushima Daiichi, the nuclear power plant damaged by the earthquake and tsunami last year. "It's important for us to make robots capable of working in radioactive areas, and it is our goal," stressed Susumu

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