Friday, February 17, 2012

The oldest works in the World Discovered

The oldest painting in the world is found in Spanish caves. The painting is considered a masterpiece of the longest human life is believed to be made by Neanderthals.

As reported by the Dailymail, Wednesday (8/2), the scientists found six paintings on cave walls are believed to be aged more than 42 thousand years. The paintings were discovered in the Cave of Nerja, 35 km east of Malaga in the south of Andalusia.

For the study, scientist in Spain has sent the organic residues found in a similar painting in Miami, United States. The painting is different continent is estimated to be between 43 500 and 42 300 years. Previously the oldest works of art in the world 32 000-year-old called at Chauvet Cave in southern France.

Professor Jose Luis Sanchidrian, from the University of Cordoba, Spain, describes this amazing discovery and is missing parts. That's because all of the artwork has previously been attributed to Homo sapiens.

Neanderthal man lived in caves before the extinction of about 30 thousand years ago. Early humans to leave the stretcher tools made ​​of stone. Neanderthals are known as predators of seals is estimated to become extinct due to losing the competition with Homo sapiens. However, scientists have recently put forward if they become extinct due to climate change. (MEL)

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