Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Peering Action The Illuminati in The Secret World

The Secret World Games which will tell the football exploits of the Illuminati will be released soon. So what is the agenda?

There are three factions to play in The Secret World, Dragon, Templars and Illuminati. Each group had different plans for world domination.

Illuminati for example, according to Joel Bylos, Lead Content Designer The Secret World of this group will be controlled by those who have abundant wealth, but not to be identified.

In The Secret World is narrated group has headquarters in New York, United States. While its members are scattered in various countries around the world.

When playing this faction, players will meet with Dave screeds, the man who will tell the Illuminati conspiracy theory. Screeds admitted he and his female lover are the victims of the group.

Connecting gamers with the Illuminati is Kirsten Geary, a beautiful woman who is tasked with seeking new talent to perform secret tasks.

So what are the missions to be run by players?

"At the moment I can not answer it, but that obviously the Illuminati are obsessed to combine magic with technology," said Bylos, as quoted from ign, Tuesday (17/01/2012).

The Secret World, a game that tried to uncover the various conspiracy theories in the world through three different fractions. Although hostile to each other but neither of them is good or evil in this game.

"Nothing is good or evil in this game. Only three groups have different interests, for the Illuminati's power is everything," added Bylos.

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