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Recognize the Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction has symptoms similar to drug addiction. It has specifically been studied in countries in Asia such as China and South Korea.

Medindia as preached pages, Internet no doubt become an important part of our lives. With the information available immediately, the Internet helps us to stay offset this fast moving world.

Social networking site has added a dimension to life and people suddenly easy to find many friends.

With the internet as your closest friends all the time, that Internet addiction is something that is not impossible.

Some psychiatric experts called the situation as Internet Addiction Disorder or problematic Internet Use (Internet addiction disorder or problematic internet use).

Internet addiction experts compare with other substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

They also suggest that it should be included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, (DSM-V) as a psychiatric disorder.

What is Internet addiction disorder? The condition was first invented by a psychologist named Ivan Goldberg. A person suffering from this condition will show these symptoms:

        Often forget or ignore the things that are fundamental when accessing the internet too long.
        Withdrawal symptoms such as feeling angry, tense, or depressed when internet is inaccessible.
        The emergence of a constant need to increase the time spent.
        The need for better computer equipment and applications that have more to have the same degree of satisfaction.
        Often remarked, lying, poor achievement, close themselves socially, and fatigue. This is the negative impact of prolonged use of the Internet.

These symptoms are the same as existing symptoms in drug addiction.

There are three types of Internet addiction:

  •         Excessive game playing
  •         Sexual Penchant
  •         Email / text message

Internet addiction is specifically regarded as a problem in Asian countries like South Korea and China.

In South Korea already have 10 events related deaths in Internet cafés heart disease and other problems, as well as game-related murder.

A report from China revealed that at least one in six Internet users in China are addicted to the internet to some extent.

Internet addiction can be particularly a problem for adolescents and young people, who have less regulation and more prone to jealousy influence of the media.

Internet addiction is still a debate to enter into kejiawaan disorder or not. The patients who experience Internet addiction is also often have other psychiatric conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, impulsive, shameless, and tend to want to commit suicide.

In addition, an addiction to the Internet can be a part of these conditions and not an indivisible entity.

Psychiatric experts must be vigilant during handling of young patients with conditions such as depression and should understand about Internet addiction.

Data collected by other studies showed a large variation in the context of the type of people at risk for Internet addiction.

For example, most studies find Internet addiction is more common in males, but some find a larger number of women or no gender differences. However, further research is needed for this

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