Friday, February 10, 2012

Virtual Contact Lenses Start Sale 2014

Washingnton DC: virtual contact lenses that can provide information on what is usually seen only in science fiction stories. One was in the movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruies. But, who would have thought these objects also exist in the real world and go on sale in 2014.

Dailymail media proclaim, Saturday (4/2), companies from the United States, Innovega, will launch a contact lens that can provide vision 3Dimensi (3D). Contact lenses can improve vision normal users to see the virtual image and reality, plus without the need for large equipment.

With contact lenses, users can look just like watching a big screen television. Contact lenses can also allow users to zoom in sight when paired with a smart phone or portable game. In fact, the effect of contact lens is also similar to those used in the Tom Cruise film.

Innovega sure their products can become popular because of the large number of contact lens wearers worldwide. Moreover, it turns out contact lenses also have new abilities, computational imaging as well as exploring the joint design of hardware and software.

Innovega CEO, Steve Willey, said that contact lenses are made using nano-engineering techniques to work as a device with high-tech focus. Although sophisticated, the contact lenses were made ​​for eye safety. Thus, its use with contact lenses in general. (BOG)

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