Thursday, March 01, 2012

Autocorrect gets school lockdown

The lore of Autocorrect is legendary. Responsible for many a broken relationships, misunderstandings, and countless websites telling you of such, autocorrect has been a constant source of funnies and trouble. More of the latter for this school in Gainesville, in this case.

A student got the West Hall High and Middle school in a state of lockdown after his smartphone corrected a common chat slang to something more sinister. The student in question planned to attend the school in the afternoon, and thought to inform his friend at the school about it. He chose to SMS, and intend to write Gonna go to West Hall this afternoon”.

As usual, the autocorrect thought better and decide that gonna” was not the right word to be used. It replaced it with gunman”. The SMS was sent out as Gunman go to West Hall this afternoon”, causing the receiver to alarm and call in the police. The school was immediately put in a lockdown state till the origins of the message was discovered.

The school system always relies on law enforcement for school safety and anytime they request a lockdown we go with that request,” said Gordon Higgins, Hall County Schools spokesman. We always take every precaution concerning a potential threat or danger.”


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