Monday, March 05, 2012

‘Password1′ is the most popular password chosen by business users

While it’s intended for our own safety, many people take passwords as an annoying step they need to get through to reach their content. And this includes even proper business users, since the following survey by Trustwave in its recently released Global Security Report for 2012 reveals a disappointing top choice for selecting a password.

PCMag reports that Password1″ ends up being the top password used by business users. Oh, but they’re smart enough to not call it ‘password’ and actually used caps-lock and a number in there. Nope, it’s actually a required by the server for them to do that so in the end it’s just the result of laziness.

So instead of making more robust security protection softwares every year, the first thing IT companies need to do is to educate business users on the importance of a password and how easy it is to hack into an easy one.


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