Friday, March 09, 2012

Microsoft closing Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x

Well we all knew this day would come. In an email sent out yesterday, Microsoft announced that it would no longer be supporting Windows Marketplace for Mobile 6.x devices. That means anyone who’s still stuck with a Windows Mobile phone (all seven of you) will not be able to download new applications or get updates.

The change is set to kick in on May 9th 2012, so there’s still time to grab whatever earth-shattering apps you can find on the Windows Marketplace.

The decision is most certainly an obvious one – Windows Mobile has been outplaced by the sleek and superior Windows Phone, and I remember how catatonic my experience on Windows Mobile was. So for anyone who’s still playing around with a Windows Phone in this day and age, it’s time to cradle that phone one last time and look for something new and shiny.

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