Friday, March 23, 2012

Nokia files patent for ‘vibrating tattoo’

Today’s ‘bizarre news’ item is surely one to make you chuckle. If you think you’re already overwhelmed by notifications and sounds from your phone, prepare for another treat. It was revealed earlier today that phone giant Nokia has filed a patent for…vibrating tattoos.

The tattoo would interact with your mobile phone and gently vibrate to notify you of a new email, sms, or phone call. To dismiss the alert, a user would have to simply scratch their skin. While the patent was originally filed back in 2010, it has only just been made public and has been met with plenty of amusement so far. The tattoo would be inserted under the skin in a minor surgical procedure, and later revisions would make the tattoo invisible completely.

It’s mind boggling to think that there would be someone out there who’d actually want to do this, but let’s hope that this just gets filed away in a cupboard somewhere and never sees the light of day. Unless of course, you *do* want parts of your anatomy vibrating.

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