Monday, March 26, 2012

Space Soon Angry Birds 'Fly' to Windows Phone

Once present in Apple IOS and Android handsets, confirms Rovio popular game Space Angry Birds also immediately flew to Windows Phone. This Finnish company rectify their earlier statements.

Previously, Peter Vesterbacka Rovio as Head of Marketing said, need extra work in developing another game for the Microsoft operating system that is looking for that momentum. So they decided to not release a new series Angry Birds for Windows phones.

"We're number one in the Windows Phone application store, but became a major effort to support it. And you really have to develop the game application again," said Vesterbacka time.

This public statement was interpreted as a call to Microsoft and its partner Nokia to be more aggressive memplokamirkan itself as a serious challenger to the same level with the IOS and Android.

But soon after that statement, as reported by Reuters on Tuesday (3/27/2012) pembesut the 'birds go ballistic' soon clarify remarks Vesterbacka.

"We are working to seek Angry Birds Space is present in Windows Phone 7," said Chief Executive Mikael Hed Rovio. But he did not mention the exact date of release.

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