Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trend Micro Longevity for Android announced

Press Release:

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global cloud security leader and long-time innovator in mobile security, today announced the beta availability of Trend Micro Longevity for Android, the only app that leverages the cloud to warn users when an app they have just downloaded is threatening to drain the battery.

The battery life of smartphones is becoming an increasing concern, as devices are used as games machines, music players, cameras, video editors, personal online assistants and more. Understanding which apps are power-hungry and how these can be switched off is often time consuming and not intuitive. Trend Micro Longevity for Android is designed to minimise the burden on both battery and user by making it easy for users to identify when battery use is over-heavy, and set up their devices to protect against it.

With a simple user interface and the ability to identify and stop high power consuming apps and tasks, Longevity for Android optimises smartphones and empowers the everyday user with:

- Just-a-Phone mode – enables users to easily turn off the majority of battery draining functions, and run their device to perform as a phone only. This typically extends the battery life of the smartphone by up to several hours.
- Fast Drain alert – warns users when their phone has started to consume battery faster than normal, so they can take immediate action by disabling power hungry apps or changing settings
-Power Hog App Alert – uses cloud intelligence to alert users when a new app they just downloaded consumes a great deal of battery power or negatively impacts the battery life of their smartphone.


This is the first Trend Micro app which integrates the recently unveiled Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation technology that analyses the underlying code of apps and the websites that they connect to, as well as the behaviour of apps. It then correlates the information detected and identifies malicious and resource-hogging mobile apps.  This service makes use of Trend Micro’s global cloud intelligence system that scans and rates more than 45 billion files, emails, websites and now mobile apps every day.

 “There are over 400,000 applications currently available on the Android Market and these are being added to in significant quantities every day. Poorly coded apps or apps that extensively use battery draining functions such as the GPS can have a drastic impact on a device’s battery, and users will often not know about the problem until they urgently need to use their phone and then find that they can’t,” said Karen Hicks, Product Marketing Manager  at Trend Micro. “Longevity helps increase the likelihood that your phone will still be working at the end of the day â€" or night. Just-a-phone makes it easy for anyone to squeeze every last bit of power out of the battery and ensure they can still make and receive those all-important calls and messages.”

Trend Micro Longevity is available for Android smartphones and the beta is available on the Android Market. Consumers can download and run the beta for a limited period, free of charge, from:

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