Friday, March 30, 2012

United introduces Brocade to deliver HDTV and Online Viewing Services

Press Release:

As the broadcast industry faces up to the challenge of delivering multiplatform content and high definition (HD) video to consumers, United â€" part of the Euro Media Group (EMG) and a full-service company providing facilities, technical and creative support for multimedia audiovisual productions â€" has turned to Brocade (Nasdaq: BRCD) to deliver an end-to-end data center networking solution based on Ethernet fabric technology and its 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) core routing platform.

The new deployment will provide the performance, elasticity and resilience needed to support higher traffic volumes and daily data volumes in its video production environment that are approaching 16 terabytes. The Brocade® network will also reduce operational cost and complexity for United Broadcast Facilities’ IT department while providing a seamless, cost-effective path for high-density deployment of 100 GbE technology.

United provides onsite broadcast facilities for large sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup. It also manages more than 45 percent of all Dutch TV productions and works with international broadcasters such as NBC, Warner and ESPN by providing post-production services that include audio-visual rendering and trans-coding for multiplatform delivery (such as video on demand).

Confronted with the challenge of managing multiple data feeds for various clients â€" all demanding secure access/delivery of content â€" United looked to significantly update and simplify its networking architecture to improve service levels to its customers.

“In our line of work, managing huge data volumes is nothing new. However, over the past two years it had become all too apparent that our disparate IT environment was no longer fit for our constantly evolving business needs. Coming at the same time as a planned move to a new facility by consolidating four buildings into one, we knew that the time was right to make a wholesale change to our data center network, radically improve performance, and also take an innovative approach to its design,” said Marc Ruesen, manager of Business Development at United.

Specifically, United turned to Brocade VCSâ„¢ technology and the Brocade VDXâ„¢ 6720 Data Center Switches, part of the growing Brocade VDX product family as well as the primary building blocks for Ethernet fabrics that have revolutionized the design of Layer 2 networks inside of data centers. Brocade Ethernet fabrics are designed to improve network utilization, maximize application availability, increase scalability and dramatically simplify network architectures in highly virtualized data centers.

At the network core, Brocade MLXe Series core routers provide the breakthrough 10 GbE performance and scalability to support the firm’s rising application traffic demands and deliver reliable services using less hardware â€" vastly improving operational efficiency and driving down capital cost. Additionally, the Brocade MLXe provides a seamless, cost-effective path for high-density deployment of 100 GbE technology.

The Ethernet fabric and MLXe deployment are elements of a holistic network upgrade that includes the following Brocade product lines:
- Brocade NetIron® CER 2000 Series routers will be deployed to deliver high-performance Ethernet edge routing and MPLS applications, and by providing enhanced scalability and flexibility, meet the dynamic needs for higher bandwidth services.
- Brocade FCX Series, Brocade FastIron® SX Series and Brocade FastIron WS Series switches, along with Brocade ServerIron® ADX Series application delivery switches, will be rolled out across the environment in conjunction with Brocade Mobility Access Points and Controllers to form a campus-wide deployment.
- Brocade Converged Network Adapters (CNAs) enable transport over a 10 GbE connection through Data Center Bridging (DCB) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) protocols, providing best-in-class LAN connectivity and I/O consolidation to reduce cost and complexity.
- Brocade Network Advisor provides end-to-end visibility across different network types through a seamless and unified user experience

“This was an ambitious project, but one that I am delighted to have taken on. Having used Brocade SAN solutions in the data center for many years, we knew that Brocade offered class-leading performance. The new Ethernet fabric-based environment gives us a far stronger proposition to take to market as we have the performance and flexibility to deal with anything our clients ask of us,” added Ruesen.

Alberto Soto, Vice President EMEA at Brocade commented, “Through our data center networking and Ethernet fabric solutions, we are delivering platforms that are unparalleled in today’s market. In the media industry, demand will only grow. It is a huge advantage to have an environment that offers seamless scalability and performance without requiring complicated management protocols. United has found such a solution with Brocade.”


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