Saturday, March 03, 2012

Windows 8 to have multiple editions

We’re already excited about Windows 8 – so much so that we hijacked a tablet-PC in the office and started playing around with the OS. While we’re going to be posting a full article on the Consumer Preview later on, we can’t help but swoon over the OS just a little bit.

But according to, there’s going to be plenty of Windows 8 love to go around – the OS is supposedly going to ship in nine different flavors. This information comes from keys hidden deep in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview registry – it’s truly fascinating what you can find digging around in there.

The nine editions of Windows 8 will be:

- Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
- Windows 8 Enterprise Eval edition
- Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
- Windows 8 Home Premium edition
- Windows 8 ARM edition
- Windows 8 Professional edition
- Windows 8 Professional Plus edition
- Windows 8 Starter edition
- Windows 8 Ultimate edition

While most of them I can understand, I have no idea what a ‘Plus’ edition is going to be – this instantly reminds me of the ‘Plus!’ pack for Windows 98 which gave you more desktop themes and some games.

This information might change closer to the OS going retail, but nine flavors certainly seems like an overdose to me.

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