Monday, April 30, 2012

7 Gadgets of old things for the collection Millionaire

For certain items, the older the age the more intense he sought. Although the price is also more inflated.

Similarly, for the following technology products whose existence is endangered and is suitable to fill the collectors cabinet that doubles as a millionaire.

Like robot named Radicon this. Robot with a height of 20 inches on the side is believed to be the first toy to be controlled via remote.

Since attendance at a toy store in Japan in 1957, he became a work of art that drew the attention of collectors.

With a cast of gray paint, Radicon has qualified components such as wireless radio remote, multi-board wheel, the arm can move, and others.

Want to bring back this ancient robot? To mark he was appreciated between USD 500-USD 9,000. Gress while still priced at the rate USD 20,000.

Giroux Daguerreotype

One of the first commercial camera ever. Model of the original pitch in 1830.

He was provided by a 81 mm lens with the aperture and focal depth 382mm F15. Everything is packaged in a wooden box.
When users want to focus, he must move the small box on the inside of the lens. Eksposurenya time enough to make head-head, that is up to 30 minutes.
This pioneering camera has the original price of 350 francs, and at auction it sold for almost more than half a million euros.

Nintendo World Championships: Gold Edition 1990

For the video game collector, this object can also be called a treasure trove. Wrapped with a golden color, old school video game is only produced as many as 26 units.

Last year, he was spotted sticking out on eBay at a price of USD 21 400. Ironically, the seller does not seem to know how valuable this Nintendo so that when he auctioned off, he started at the price of USD 25.

Apple Lisa 1

PC aimed at business was first rolled in 1981. It runs on top of the operating system GUI and 5 MHz Motorola 6800 microprocessor and 2 MB RAM.

Because at that time unable to compete with IBM PC output that is cheaper, Apple had to quickly cut production.

Retail price is USD 9995. But for the original model, Apple mematoknya in the price of USD 25,000.

Kamera Polaroid 20x24

Created for shooting studio, this is the first prototype Polaroid 20x24 camera. He bobbed in 1975.

Although his birth has been a long time but it still exists in some parts of the model in North America.

As the name implies, a camera that combines the design of furniture armoire and Volkswagen is producing the film size 20x24 inch.

For the price penyewaannya, he pegged from USD 1,500 per day.

Apple 1

Apple Lisa 1 prices previously mentioned nothing compared to Apple's first commercial product of this.

Debuting in 1976, he labeled the price of USD 666.66. Because it only produced a total of 200 units, then he entered the category of rare items.

At the last auction, the Apple 1 was sold for USD 213 000, or nearly $ 2 billion!

Original Darth Vader mask

Turning to science fiction films. Perhaps, this is a coveted item among the geek or the Star Wars lovers.

This mask is an original movie property so no wonder the price stunned the USD 115,000. If you want a costume too, so prospective buyers should spend about USD 250,000

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