Monday, April 09, 2012

Chocolate 3D printer to make post-Easter debut

Chocoholics rejoice! Researchers at the University of Exeter have perfected a 3D printer that can print out chocolates layer by layer.

The printer works like any other 3D printer by starting with a flat cross-section of the chocolate to be produced and then printing layer upon layer to produce a 3D shape. The printer touts an easy to replace syringe-based cartridge that users can swap out or refill with different kinds of chocolate. The printer has already received attention from retailers eager to stock the device when it becomes available, and it looks to be an easier way to produce custom chocolates without the need for traditional chocolate molds.

The debatable aspect to this sweet (pun intended) device is how quickly the chocolate can set. Chocolate molds usually take a good couple of hours to set properly, and from the video below it doesn’t look like the chocolate is molded out as perfectly as expected. Still, it would be really cool to get an error message on your PC that said Your printer is out of chocolate”.

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