Thursday, April 19, 2012

Galileo sets your iPhone in motion

Ever wish that you could properly use your iPhone for a video conference? Or maybe for some awesome time-lapse photography?

Well a little KickStarter campaign is out to change that with Galileo, a robotic iOs controlled device that offers infinite rotation capability for your iPhone. You simply slide your iPhone into Galileo, and then control it with an iPad or another iOS enabled device.

The introduction video on the campaign page looks promising – while I don’t think you want to be sliding your iPhone under a car to check for oil leaks, it certainly will improve things for video conferencing, spying on your kids, and taking some great photos from otherwise difficult angles.

The project set out to raise $100,000 of funding, but has already reached a staggering $597,500 with funding to end by this weekend. Check out the video and project page here – for a backing of $85 you can get your hands on a Galileo when they hit production.

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