Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Google Drive launching next week with 5GB for everyone

Google’s long rumored cloud storage service finally has some solid information leakage. The Next Web has gotten an early draft release from one of Google’s partners that has info on Google Drive. Apparently it will be coming out some time next week, bets are hedged on Tuesday or Wednesday (24th or 25th April). The service will be free for all Gmail account holders with 5GB of base storage given to everyone. Additional storage can obviously be purchased, but there’s no announcement on pricing details and packages.

One of the most popular free cloud storage program is Dropbox, which has apps for Android and iOS devices for extremely easy file share, editing and syncing. How Google Drive will face off against it remains to be seen, although in-app file editing seems to be possible.

The screenshots leaked from Talk Android two weeks ago also seem to add more fuel to this fire, with the release of Google Drive imminent. We’ll have more details availble as the story develops, but don’t be surprised to hear an official announcement from Google very soon.


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