Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Google Drive Offer Data Storage in the 'Cloud'

Google launched a new service called Google Drive. Based services or cloud computing cloud computing allows users to store photos, documents and videos on Google's servers so they can be accessed with a web-connected devices and can be shared easily.

For example, if users want to send emails recorded with Android smartphone, then he can upload them to Google mobile applications Drive and send e-mail a link to the video. So no need to send a file too large. Software productivity is also integrated with Google Docs Drive.

"Today, we introduced Google Drive, a center where you can create, share, collaborate and store," said Sunda Picai, Senior Vice President of Chrome and Google Apps.

The presence of any rival rival Google Drive that had already been present in the cloud storage service market, such as Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive. Drive yourself initially offer up to 5GB of free storage.

Afterwards, the user can choose an upgrade for a fee. Namely 25GB and costs USD 2.49 per month, 100 GB with USD 4.99 per month and the largest up to 1 TB at a cost of USD 49.44 per month.

Current cloud services has become popular. Google itself is considered late for the service of this kind, but the presence of Google Drive can change the direction of the market.

"Facebook also do not have this service and the cloud (Google Drive-red) can lead them to make acquisitions," said Richard Edwards, an analyst at Ovum a quote from USAToday, Wednesday (04/25/2012).

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