Friday, April 27, 2012

Google Glass gets an official public debut

When Google announced its ambitious project Google Glass, the Internet went crazy over the demo video that showed a piece of eyewear that would feed information and alerts to a user through a small glass display in front of their right eye.

Though Google co-founder Sergey Thurn was spotted wearing a pair of the glasses at a charity event, yesterday was the first time we got to see the device and what it can do. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Sebastian Thurn who works at Google and is working on Project Glass demonstrated a simple use for the augmented eyewear – sharing photos. In the middle of the interview, Thurn taped a button on the glasses and took a photo of his interviewer. He then nodded to confirm that he wanted to share the photo with his friends on Google+.

Thurn says that the team are currently working with a variety of apps and uses, and one other use he said the glasses come in handy for was for hands-free email handling. I can have e-mails read to me, so overall it’s very liberating to me,” said Thrun.

Watch the full interview with Charlie Rose here.

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