Thursday, April 26, 2012

RIM launches Blackberry Mobile Fusion

Research In Motion today announced the availability of Blackberry Mobile Fusion in the region for the enterprise market. Mobile Fusion aims to provide administrators with greater control over devices in their organization, including the Blackberry, iOS, and Android platforms.

The Mobile Fusion platform consists of three services that can be run simultaneously or independently – Blackberry Enterprise Server provides familiar BES security and policies to secure Blackberry handsets, Blackberry Device Service allows for the management of Blackberry Playbooks and future Blackberry 10 devices, and Universal Device Service controls iOS and Android devices (both smartphones and tablets). The system also allows for enterprise OS upgrades and App deployment, and included Blackberry Balance for Playbook devices to allow both personal and corporate information and apps to run side by side without compromising on security.

Local ISPs du and Etisalat are gearing up to offer the Blackberry Mobile Fusion services to enterprise subscribers in coming weeks, along with pricing plans.

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