Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Take a field trip – to an Apple store

When I was in school and we had to have a ‘field day’, we’d either go to a zoo or to a park. That for us was the greatest day ever because it meant that we got a day out of school to go frolic around in nature or poke fun at animals with no regard for the safety of our classmates.

So in this day and age, where do kids go on their field trips? Why, to the Apple store of course!

Teachers can now take their students (or their fellow teachers) down to the Apple store to witness an unforgettable learning experience” according to Apple. The program allows students to create content on the equipment in the stores, and share them in the store for a big gold star.

So forget about the wonders of nature, the great outdoors, or any real learning – drop your class into an Apple store and pop around the corner for a latte.

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