Friday, May 25, 2012

Get the Samsung S III experience on S II

The Samsung S III may be the most talked about phone after the rumored iPhone 5. It’s sleek, classy, packs a lot of performance, and just makes you quiver at the knees. And while the device is already available here a whole week before it officially launches, there might be those amongst us who haven’t been saving up for an eternity to buy this new gem.

Well if you currently own a Samsung S II, you can be really cheeky and fool people into thinking you have an S III. Okay technically you might not fool a lot of people, but at least you get to experience the awesome interface and launcher of the S III. Thanks to the folks at the xda developers forums, a port is available of the S III launcher which you can install on your S II as long as you’re running the default Samsung ROM. Bear in mind that the port is just a visual overlay, so don’t expect anything else to run fast or as great as it would on the S III.

Check out details on how to make the magic happen here.

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