Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saudi Arabia has largest smartphone usage in the world

In a recent press release by Saudi Telecom, it was announced that the company has recently launched 68 new smartphones for the kingdom.  Each handset will be part of a ‘commitment contract’ which will allw customers to chose from various packages, focusing on talk time, messages and data services.

What has also come to light from the press release is the result of a recent study conducted by UN which reports that Saudi Arabia has the highest smartphone adoption rate in the world, at 188%.

Press Release

STC Group has crowned its relationship with its subscriber base â€" the largest in the Kingdom â€"by launching a new variety of choices of smartphones, thereby exposing them to the latest of what’s on offer in the world of technology, via smart packages which meet their personal demands and choices on both practical and purchasing power fronts.

A report issued by the United Nations (UNCTAD) positions Saudi Arabia as the number one worldwide in the use of mobile phones, with penetration levels reaching 188%. STC’s leadership in the smartphone category is embodied by its provision of a platform of exclusive and exceptional offers which have gained the satisfaction of both existing and potential subscribers, in equal measure, deepening their confidence in the integrated solutions offered by STC, and continuing its successful journey  in mobilizing its huge resources to achieve international partnerships with the largest and most famous smartphone manufacturers in the world, as well as attracting new partners to share in its success, locally, regionally and globally.

Your Smart Choice with STC… Always

STC’s design of smartphone packages is a ‘commitment contract’ which offers its subscribers smartphones of their choice, in addition to what each bundle offers exclusively, per segment, whether it be a number of call minutes, monthly internet data bundles, or other benefits which allow them to arrange their demands of services according to their daily schedules, either at work, while travelling or even studying.

STC has also offered a number of outstanding packages to their subscribers, including postpaid packages offering free smartphones or at discounted and attractive prices, while enjoying technical applications and call minutes, video, SMS, MMS as well as internet service.

STC’s offices and sales channels have become  non-stop ‘beehives’, devoting all efforts to gain customer satisfaction and instilling confidence in them for an easier life with modern technology, setting up 299 offices working on providing mobile electronic devices of broadband, as well as the latest smartphones from the 10 top companies worldwide (Blackberry, Motorola, Apple, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Nokia and Acer), and through sixty-eight types of advanced devices  available at STC” offices and outlets in the year 2012.

Smartphones currently represent 34% of the total devices on the STC network; with an increase of 200% in Android operating system devices. STC first deployed premium smartphones through the BlackBerry Porsche. The Group was also the first to launch the 4th generation technology, with growing coverage throughout the Middle East and North Africa. STC was also exclusively the first in enable its subscribers to purchase from the Nokia OVI Store, and adding their purchases on to their monthly bill. In addition, it was the first to provide the Windows operating system in the Saudi market through HTC.

STC Packages” Adapt to subscribers’ changing choices

STC’s unique flexible packages vary in subscription price as per the smartphone device type chosen by subscribers, thus determining the price of the smartphone for each package. Subscribers can select the appropriate device to enjoy a selection of integrated and economical offers to suit their own financial situation. Postpaid packages devices has one package only, and every subscriber can have five devices at a maximum, (for example; a subscriber who has 8 numbers is able to subscribe for only five devices and each of them with one package only).

STC is proud that it does not penalize subscribers who wish to migrate between postpaid packages (Easy, Easy Plus, Zero, Zero Plus) subscribed on the devices, as well as the monthly fees subscription selected. The company has enabled subscribers to monitor their bills and related services through the ‘My STC’ App for all smartphones.

As for after sales services, STC Group continues to provide exceptional services to its subscribers through its service centers located throughout of the Kingdom , operated in conjunction with international partners, offering round the clock and advanced technical and maintenance support.

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