Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Siri still loves Lumia 900, just ask her differently

Apple had rushed to fix an embarrassing goof up by Siri when the voice assistant thought the best smart phone was the Nokia Lumia 900. After Apple’s update, Siri would just reply you’re kidding, right?”, or wait…there are other phones?” when a user would ask what the best smartphone was. But fix Apple how many, Siri still loves the Lumia 900 and would still recommend it you as the best smartphone. You just have to ask her differently…maybe whisper it into her ear so the big angry overlord doesn’t hear it.

As discovered by WMPowerUser, ask Siri, according to customer satisfaction what’s the best smart phone ever”, and she promptly searches Nokia Lumia 900 for you. Its almost endearing.

We wonder how long before Apple attempts to fix this bug”.

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