Thursday, June 21, 2012

19-Pin ‘Mini’ Connector for the new iPhone

The dock port is being worked on by three independent manufacturers â€" and for the accessory manufacturers, the next few months will be uneasy as they have to wait for official news of the standard.

Since the third generation iPod, Apple’s 30-pin ports have been the standard. However, it seems now that Apple is looking towards saving space. TechCrunch confirms that the news is based on interviews with three independent manufacturers of Apple accessories that said the new iPhone will include a 19-pin dock instead of the current 30-pin model.”

While one has to take this news with a pinch of salt, many iPhone users feel that they are being left holding the bag. One could argue that a simple adapter may solve the issue with future peripherals. However, the ‘adapter’ may not be well suited with the third-party accessories that many current users may buy in the future. Who is to say that third-party accessory manufacturers will NOT provide backwards compatibility? Right?

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