Sunday, June 17, 2012

Microsoft making their own Windows based tablet?

For years Microsoft has been competing with Apple, primarily on the software front, but through OEM partners, and their Zune device, on the hardware front as well. Now that iPad has become the giant that it is, and with Windows 8 coming out in a few months, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Microsoft is working on their own tablet, as reported by The Wrap.

Software manufacturers creating their own hardware isn’t unheard of, Google’s Nexus line of smartphones is a prime example of this, albeit their own branded handsets are indeed manufactured by partner OEMS such as HTC or Samsung. Indeed, if the recent example of Amazon’s Kindle Fire is anything to go by, then consumers are more than willing to buy a much cheaper alternative to the iPad, given that the build quality is decent and competing features are provided with ease of use.

Microsoft will be holding an event on June 18th at 3:30pm in Los Angeles, where they are expected to unveil their own tablet. So secretive is the announcement that the venue for the event is as yet unannounced. The reveal, whether it is a tablet or not, will be early morning in Dubai on Tuesday, June 19th, so expect more information by then.

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