Sunday, June 24, 2012

Microsoft’s Surface to be WiFi only?

Microsoft’s latest salvo against Apple, with their own branded and created tablet, the Surface is supposedly launching with just WiFi. Both the ARM powered Surface RT and the Ivy Bridge powered Surface Pro will be able to connect to the internet only via WiFi, according to insider sources per Bloomberg.

There seems to be two primary reasons behind this decision. The first one being to keep the costs down so the pricing is similar to the WiFi only models, but second, and most importantly, that tablets are predominantly used in homes where people already have WiFi connections.

By not including the option for 3G & 4G connectivity via SIM card, Microsoft maybe limiting the usage of their Surface tablets, i.e. not being truly mobile. Still, there’s no reason to believe that once the Surface takes off, that Microsoft won’t be releasing models with cellular data access on them.

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