Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sequoia, The World's Fastest Computer

IBM Sequoia computer production was recorded as the fastest computer in the ranks of the world's super-fast computers and computer beat the artificial K Fujitsu company. What should be done by the 6.7 billion people by using a hand calculator without stopping in time 320 years to count, the computer is able to complete the calculation in an hour.

Production of the American company IBM was recorded 1.55 times faster than the Fujitsu model of the model, and using more than 1.5 million processors. By contrast, the number of super-fast computer processors made ​​by Japanese company Fujitsu K is only half of Sequoia. In terms of energy efficiency, Sequoia uses 7.9 megawatts. The computer requires a 12.6 megawatt K.

David Turek, IBM's one of the officials told the BBC that perusahaannnya had planned to re-occupy the top position for two years. "Planning ripe fruit. We know this will become a reality," said David Turek.

Turek called the Sequoia as a "peak energy efficiency" and said the market reacted positively. "Government-owned laboratories in various European countries have expressed interest," he said.

Sequoia has been installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy in California. This is the first time the company topped the American computer since surpassed by China two years ago. China and Germany each have two super computers, while Japan, France and Italy each have a super fast computer. (ADO)

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