Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thousand Year Old Ruins Discovered

Damascus: the mysterious ruins of an estimated 10 thousand year old tomb discovered in a desert in Syria. In fact, researchers found that if the age of the so-called tomb of the dead man, older than the pyramids which have been used as tombs of the kings of Egypt.

As proclaimed Dailymail, Tuesday (26/6), the building was found near a monastery of Deir Mar Musa occupied by the Romans until the 19th century. The ruins were like rock formations in strange shapes found 2009 back by U.S. archaeologist Robert Mason.

"This building looks like a landscape for the dead," said Mason. He said that further investigation is needed to understand the mysterious rock structures and how old he is.

However, Mason was not sure whether he will be able to return to the ruins, especially after Syria's prolonged conflict. (IAN)

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