Monday, July 30, 2012

Google's YouTube Immediately Build Studio in London

London: Google YouTube immediately opened a studio in London, England. Google's claim that the studio planned to be built in Soho, with the aim of providing support for novice filmmakers. The building was owned YouTube, there are facilities such as the tools to develop professional work for the website.

"It is amazing to think that some of the most successful creators in the arena, with millions of viewers, using something more than just their bedroom, webcam and any props that are used to produce the videos are interesting and likeable," said Sara representatives YouTube Mormino, recently.

"Many of our partners are ready to process their work to go to the next stage, using the latest equipment and editing techniques as well as expert advice and the stars are popular on YouTube," he added.

The plan, the studio will be equipped with a technologically advanced camera and cinema. In addition as many as two rooms for the recording process, as well as a space to perform the editing process with a green background will also complement the latest YouTube's headquarters.

Mormino said that those who would use the YouTube studio, can make reservations and appointments in advance. After the ordering process is approved, they can access the facility on YouTube in the London studio. In addition to utilizing the facilities have been provided, users can also learn new skills and collaborate with other filmmakers in the studio.

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