Sunday, July 08, 2012

Microsoft Word 2013 to have PDF editing

Office 2007 had an add-on to save files in PDF; and Office 2010 had it natively. Now, Neowin reports, that the upcoming Word 2013 will let you edit the PDFs too.

PDF editing is a feature that everyone felt was missing. Paul Thurrott’s site, WinSuperSite, claim that users will be able to skip Adobe’s own reader and Acrobat software to display PDFs, because Word 2013 will have a PDF reader too.

This new offering from Microsoft could change the way people interact with PDF. The format is particularly difficult to handle, for it is usually used for reading and not editing. Because eBooks can be read in readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, the editing functionality can bring about possibilities that users have yearned for many years in terms of having home-made books. Additionally, some book layouts can be changed to suit eInk displays more effectively in the future with the additional functionality.

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