Friday, July 13, 2012

Windows SkyDrive updated with a new logo

The new version of SkyDrive for Windows tells the user how it is behaving by offering a new status window. After many users requested for a simple way to check this function, SkyDrive provides a small status window when clicked (in the system tray). The status informs the user about the time SkyDrive was updated, with information in regards to megabytes & the files being transferred.

Neowin also reports that, for SkyDrive power users, some features have been added: options like View sync problems” and Report a problem” are now shown as options in the context menu. These make it a lot easier to diagnose/solve problems in the system. However, Mike Torres from Microsoft says that most of these changes are not visible to users in this update. As reported in the Windows Blog, Mike Torres mentions in regards to the updates, this one improves performance, reliability, and compatibility of SkyDrive,” enabling the users to confidently auto-sync files.

Additionally, the SkyDrive logo was also updated. With the upcoming release of Windows 8, the time was right to redesign the SkyDrive logo. The refreshed logo is a natural evolution of the work we’re doing across Microsoft to deliver a more consistent experience across all of our products,” said Mike Torres.

The app can be downloaded from the SkyDrive website.

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