Friday, August 24, 2012

Apple vs Samsung – it’s all over

In what has been probably one of the highest-covered trials in recent times, the big battle between Apple and Samsung has finally come to an end.

The nine jurors in the case finally came to a decision yesterday in the battle of the tech giants, siding finally with Apple in most of the patent infringement claims against Samsung. While Apple initially sought close to $2.75 billion in damages, the jury eventually ordered Samsung to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages.

Some of the claims highlighted by the jury included:

- Jury found Samsung infringement of Apple utility, design patents for some (though not all) products.
- Jury found willful infringement on five of six patents.
- Jury upheld Apple utility, design patents.
- Jury upheld Apple trade dress ’983.
- Jury found Samsung diluted” Apple’s registered iPhone, iPhone 3, and Combination iPhone” trade dress on some products, not on others.
- Jury found no Apple infringement of Samsung utility patents.
- Jury found Samsung did not violate antitrust law by monopolizing markets related to the UMTS standard.

(The complete jury form can be found here)

The Apple vs Samsung battle has been one of the most closely observed tech trials, stretching over a number of weeks with endless battles between each company in a struggle to out-wit and out-ban the other. While a massive amount of evidence was revealed from both parties, including some information on products that never saw the light of day, it was ultimately Samsung’s undoing when it revealed several internal documents that compared its prototype smartphone to the iPhone, and offered clues on how it could be improved upon to look more like an iPhone.

(via CNET)

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