Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crush through traffic with Stompy, the six-legged robot

Remember that slightly satisfying feeling of crushing an empty soda can under your foot? Wonder what it would feel like if you were crushing a car instead of a can?

Well wonder no more, because the crack team behind Project Hexapod have already set their sights on a new project called Stompy.

To put it mildly, Stompy is a six-legged, 1.8 ton two-seater robot, whose sole purpose in life is to crush things underfoot. Oh and supposedly navigate treacherous terrain and help on rescue missions in the future – sorry, I was distracted by all the crushing potential.

Stompy is currently $50,000 into its $65,000 funding goal, but if you can whip up $300,000, the team will build you your very own Stompy – not to be used for world domination purposes of course. Rewards for supporting the project include having your name shouted from the top of a mountain, a video of an object of your choice being stomped on, to getting a ride on Stompy when it’s completed. The project currently is pretty much just a leg and bit of chassis now.

If you aren’t completely terrified and Stompy has stomped its way into your heart, you can check out the project here.

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